Indyanna and I built an arcade emulator!

We built an arcade!

We’re actually working on a much larger one, but we had not done any work before with acrylic epoxy resin, and before doing it with the big one, we wanted to do a test first. So we grabbed some scrap wood, and created a little two-player one that we could test out with.

Built with scrap peices The scrap we used was literally the bits left over from our big arcade build (still working on it!) that we cleaned up the cuts and put it together.

Glued, screwed patched and sanded side shot back shot

After we put it together, we painted it with a ‘metalic black’ paint.

For the artwork, we wanted to go with a Skyrim theme on this one, so I grabed some images off the internet and cleaned them up a bit and we printed the two at costco ($7/each)

The were printed in a kindof matte finish, but that won’t matter…

Dragonbon Miraak

Then I trimmed them up, and we affixed them to the top with some spray glue I had around.

rough rough

We then stapled it to the edges, and did the epoxy resin coating. That was actually easy, we leveled it out nicely and then just mixed it up and poured it over, spreading all around.

No cribbing or anything like that.

shiny shiny It’s so shiny! You can see the reflection of the ceiling in it.

shiny shiny shiny shiny

Next we mounted the hardware. Hardest part was finding a drill-bit for the right size of hole!

We used a Raspberry Pi 4, and wired up the controller kits, and put on a bumper around the top.

This is the final results:

final final final final final final final final final

The pictures don’t even do it justice, the top is such a shiny acrylic it’s so amazing.

A little video that does a bit more justice:

Can’t wait to build the big one and show it to you.